Moira Timms

Moira is an independent Egyptologist with a deep love and understanding of ancient Egypt and the profundities of its sacred science.  Moira has spent the past 16 years “penetrating the gnosis” of ancient Egypt’s complex and wonderful mystery tradition, and its symbolism.  She lectures and presents to groups and on tours of Egypt, where her work brings the past to life through the understanding of major mythic themes, as depicted within the temples, and as experienced within ceremonial contexts at specific sacred sites.

Moira has authored four books: Beyond Prophecies and Predictions:  Everyone’s Guided to the Coming Changes (Random House/Ballantaine 1994); Prophecies and Predictions (Unity/Orenda 1980); The Six O’clock Bus:  A Guide to Armageddon and the New Age (Turnstone Books, U.K. 1979).  (These three editions of Moira’s synthesis of world cultural prophesy and future change have been translated into 12 languages); Natural Sources (Celestial Arts, 19798), a holistic approach to cancer prevention (Recipe section by Z. Zar).