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General News What to Look for From a New Vape Battery

Buying a high-quality vape battery with all of the right features will help you to enjoy a truly enjoyable and convenient vaping experience. The right vape batteries will be made specifically to fit your device and using them with your device will be the key to accessing superior "throat hit" via excellent water vapor production.

For this reason, investing in a good vape battery will be smart.

Once you have the right vaping gear, you'll be ready to vape anywhere, from your home to your auto and beyond. Today, we'd like to share information about the most important features of vape batteries.
Features of the Best Vape Batteries

A good brand is something to look for. It's best to buy from a reputable manufacturer which has been producing popular, best-selling batteries for vaporizers for years. Some brands which are renowned for their quality batteries include MNKE, Orbtronic, Sony and AW. These are just a sampling to show you what's out there.

It's pretty easy to research the backgrounds of battery manufacturers and we recommend doing so before you buy. Also, looking up customer reviews of specific makes and models of batteries will ensure that you are able to find five star-rated products. Avoid any batteries which get a lot of negative reviews from real-life users, no matter which manufacturer made them.

There are three main categories of batteries for e-cigs. The categories are IMR (LiMn), Hybrid and ICR. ICRs are usually sold with circuits for protection, as they are not as safe as IMRs, unless they have protection circuits added. Hybrids feature the best elements of IMRs and ICRs.

The key advantage of IMRs is the fact that they have higher amperage discharge rates. ICRs have a low drain rate and they are probably the least practical option. In fact, they are growing a bit obsolete as consumers turn to IMRs and Hybrids in ever-greater numbers. So, you may want to stay away from ICRs, as they just aren't as safe in general.

Any battery style will work, as long as it's designed to be compatible with your e-cig/mod, but some are better than others!

Price should also be a consideration. If you find a battery from a good manufacturer which gets excellent reviews, we think that you should price it across a range of online retailers. Just add the model number and brand to Google and then see what the battery sells for at different websites. We recommend checking at least three or four websites before deciding where to order from.
If you find the right model for less, you'll be able to save money. However, you should research the reputability of the online retailer before you register at that website and then place an order. It's important to buy an authentic battery from a trusted online source.
Shop for a Vape Battery Today
You deserve the ultimate vaping experience. Now that you know what to look from from a new battery, you'll be able to buy a design which is perfect for your mod.